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Hacking - July 2, 2021

Protect Yourself Before You Get Hacked!

Protect Yourself Before You Get Hacked!

Hacking may be defined as the type of activity where the hacker gets access to the networks of the computer systems and he legally or illegally can change any information within that system. He changes or modifies the features of that computer network so that no one else can use it henceforth not even the creator himself. This is not limited to particular sites or computer, its spreading on a wider scale from our mobile phones to even our brains. Nowadays as the number of hackers and their illegal activities are increasing so is the need for security is increasing. Companies are now hiring ethical hackers to keep their data safe so that no other site or company may hack into their personal details. Hackers usually do this job for multiple reasons be it profit or money or just enjoyment. The computer criminals who hack into database of important websites are called black hats and the illegal hackers, while those who are hired for security reasons are the white hats and are computer experts.

Hacking programs and techniques that you should be aware of

  • Trojan horses: this is one kind of program that confuses many people. It has the property of creating a door in a system which can later be used by someone else to get the access of all the files on that computer system.
  • Computer worms: similar to a virus, these computer worms are also very dangerous as they start replicating and get into the computer networks without the user being aware of it.
  • Keystroke logging: it is tool that is designed by the hackers to keep a record of the keystroke on the computer system or any machine to get access to any confidential file later. While some crack the information, other hackers run this program for security reasons to test the security system.
  • Phishing: it is the most dangerous type of web attack where the user blindly trusts another site which looks exactly like the original and passes his personal details and confidential data such as passwords and gets trapped therein.

Social engineering: This tactic is usually used by the hackers who are super intelligent and want to gain access to a particular network or site. They pretend to be a user who cannot gain access to his account and approach system administrator to get the information. For this, they should be very familiar with the system or the site that they want to hack. Social engineering is gaining importance in the world of hackers because the hackers attack the users to get the information and there is no such security made which can keep company’s own workers from accessing the information.

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