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Networking - June 8, 2021

Let’s have a Detailed Study about the Types of Cloud Computing

Let's have a Detailed Study about the Types of Cloud Computing

Today in this world, everyone is talking about types of cloud computing which is an internet-based service that helps in storing files. Through this sharing of information with a large number of people has become possible and the information can be accessible at anytime and anywhere if internet connection is available. Thus, it is a global technology that offers all types of business and alternatives. So to save money on the IT support and not to lose the quality performance and be more advantageous in the market, the computer runs the applications to store data and use the server which we all call”Cloud”.

Description of the types

Types ofCloud computing can be described on the location,which is divided as:

  • Public
  • Private
  • Hybrid
  • Community

Public Cloud: Here, the infrastructure of a cloud computing company that offers the services is located. The location is there, but the customer has no direct or physical control over it. This used shared resources and relied mostly on performance.

Private Cloud: In this, the network is used by only one customer or the organization. They don’t share it with anyone. But if the Cloud is hosted externally, then the company can choose the private cloud premise, which can be turnedinto a more expensive one, but yes, the benefit is that they will have full control ofits network.

Hybrid Cloud: This is amongst those types of cloud computing, whereboth private and public usage depend on the purpose on which one will use it.

Community Cloud: It means that the network is shared between the organizations while keeping in mind the management’s concerns.Now here are other different types of Cloud Computing and what they offer to the business world.

Cost Comparison: Cloud can be lookedat as if it’s an affordable option, but when it is compared with any software installation, there might be a chance’s that some features are missing in the cloud software, which is important for the business.

Quality is affected: As we all know, the internet is used for various purposes like browsing, watching online movies downloading, and uploading huge files, so the quality of cloud computing will be affected if there are many people use the internet at the same time.

Thus, if any organization or any customer goes for a private Cloud, the level of control is high on its network.

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