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Tech - August 5, 2022

Guide On How To Fix iPhone Liquid Damage

Guide On How To Fix iPhone Liquid Damage

When one’s iPhone gets damaged, the first thing they do is to search on the internet about the solution or ways to fix the issue. But online, hundreds of things are mentioned, and all of them are not up to the mark and sometimes can cause more damage to the damaged phone. The water damage to iPhone only occurs when it is dropped in the toilet or pools, which can happen anywhere. Some series advertise as water resistant, but they aren’t waterproof. The iphone water damage repair must be done correctly to save the cell and its information.

What does the water damage look like?

iphone water damage repair

 Water damage is invisible; one can only see tiny bubbles under the screen or discoloration inside the charging jack. Most of the time, in iPhones, the water damage doesn’t look like anything from the outside; the best way to check the damage is to look at the liquid contact indicator or LCI present in the newer version of iPhones. When this LCI appears red, it indicates that the phone came in contact with some liquid and requires repair. Sometimes people get confused with LCI color; whether it’s pink or dark red, it shows that the phone has some liquid damage and won’t get covered under warranty.

Symptoms of iPhone liquid damage 

Liquid damage in the iPhone can cause various problems, and they can also be severe. Once the liquid gets inside the phone, it is difficult to know about the spread and damage to the parts inside the phone. Some of the symptoms that one can see after the water damage are

  1. iPhone is getting hot 

When the phone gets water damaged, the lithium-ion batteries can get very hot; in some cases, these batteries can catch fire; if they are damaged. One must be careful with damaged phones as they can catch fire easily.

  1. No sound on the iPhone

When the water seeps into the iPhone, it causes damage to the speakers, and the ability to play sound disrupts. The problem can affect the ability to listen to music and hear the ringing of someone’s calls. The problem can be solved by making the water evaporate from the phone, the quality may appear static at first, but over time it improves.


The iPhone with water damage can be fixed when the damage is not too much; if the damage is more than fixing, it can become a difficult task. One can take their phones to service centers and make them appropriately repaired.

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