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Profile of Pharaoh Tutankhamen
The youngest brother of Akhenaten, elevated to the throne as a mere boy, and was managed by his brother's former advisors, the Vizier Ay and the General of the armed forces, General Horemheb
Tutankhamen artifacts
Tutankhamen on Tour, 1978
Many believe that this young regent was murdered by one of his older and more powerful relatives or advisors. Though absolute proof isn't available, there are many tantalizing facts about his death. For more go to the review of The Assassination of King Tut. Click on the image below. Image right is courtesy of The Discovery Channel.
Tutankhamun mannequin
The young king, who was married to Ankhesenamun, would have played long hours at the senet game table below left. Click the image to go to Ancient Games. The image of a detail of a golden bed found in the king's tomb below, links to news about Tutankamun's treasures on tour.
Tutankhamun senet game,
Egyptian Museum Hippopotamus from Tutankhamun's cache
Tutankhamun marries the love of his life, Ankhsenamun, but perhaps because of their ages, no children survived the union.
Under the advice of his counselors, the capital was moved back to Thebes and there was a beginning of a return to the old order.

Ay 1325-1321

After the mysterious death of Tutankhamen, the old Vizier took the thrown and forced the boy king's young wife to marry him, thus solidifying his claim to the throne.

Horemheb 1321-1293

Reestablished the pharaoh's traditional power and the old religion.

19th Dynasty
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