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The GODS of Ancient Egypt

The Gods A-Z
Lo! the spirit moved

in the deep rumblings of nothingness and roiled over upon itself, save for the single place where it was raised up as a mound.

And that mound was licked and lapped by the primeval sea until a spark, caught fire, gave light and pushed forth a figure, that figure not unlike a man, spat out his name: Ptah and so he came into being. And what he spoke became the world ever after . . .

Lo! the spirit moved

in the deep rumblings of nothingness and roiled over upon itself, until it became itself split open and ripe, the self above stilled and became the night sky. She arched her back over the primeval sea and waited for a mound to raise up.

Upon this mound was Osiris in his aspect of Khephri, he crawled the length of the seas and when he was done pulled himself up by her plaits that the sky called Nut let down for him. And when he came into her mouth, from there he traveled through her night body that twinkled with life and with stars, till he came forth from her loins, born as the daylight, and then there was light. Oh, horizon . . .

The List of Gods A-Z
Goddess Hathor
Egyptian Museum Throughout the the centuries, when Pharaohs ruled the ancient land, Egypt has played host to the gods. As the ancient tribes, villages, grew to become organized communities, cities and, then nomes, each locality contributed a part of its belief system and some of it's gods to the religious structure of greater Egypt. The ancients did not like to discard their gods for new ones, rather when exposed to another influential god, they were as likely to combine the new gods traits, with those of local deity and the name of the new, hybrid god would be an amalgam of the old and new.
As part of their religious philosophy, they granted that all animals, humans and all aspects of nature were endowed with life force-Thus, some of the greatest of the pantheons of Egyptian gods took on animal form or had acquired the attributes of revered or feared animals.

At the center of all religious belief, was the absolute belief in the need for a balance, an equalizing force in all matters. The ancients believed that the needs of humankind must be balanced with those of nature-that for every action, there was an opposing reaction. The ancients feared chaos above all and believed in Ma'at, the balance between all things.
[For more on the gods proceed to the Gods A to Z or to the specific myths of the most prominent gods listed right . . .
The Gods A to Z
King of the Gods, Ruler of the Netherworld and valiant warrior regent . . .
The Myth of Osiris
Great Wife of the god Osiris, lover, nurturing mother and protector .
Isis, Goddess of Love
Fiery Warrior, fearless enemy, brother to the great god, jealous and vengeful spirit.
The Battle of Horus & Seth
For even more, plow through the list of the gods, via the link below or check out the following book titles . . .
The Gods A to Z
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If you prefer to learn about the ancient gods in the privacy of your home, here are some recommended texts on the Gods of Ancient Egypt right:
For Our Egyptian Gods Chant . . .
Go to Egyptian Gods
Whether your interest is solely in the ancient gods, or whether the Egyptian gods attract you because of your own personal beliefs, or if you're that person who believes that Egyptian gods, necessarilly conflict with your own religion, you will find this section facsinating.

The Egyptian gods were part of society, woven into the ancient culture. The Egyptian gods served a practical purpose in ancient society. The ancients called on the Egyptian gods for wisdom, whether they delivered or not is of no importance -- the mere act of calling on the Egyptian gods forced people to focus on solutions.

The Gods A to Z
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