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Carolyn Patricia Scott
Executive Editor/Author, WEBHOTEP.COM  Editorial

Nothing in her educational background or work experience influenced an interest in ancient Egypt as much as the confluence of three elements--"My father, Kermit J. Scott, loved to read about the ancient world. He had a special hero, Pharaoh Akhenaten, the first person in recorded history to set forth the concept of monotheism." Scott recalls being admonished by her father, to learn of the great thinkers of ancient times. "My father even named my youngest sister after Akhenaten's mother, the Great Queen Tiye."

A native of California, Scott received a Bachelor's degree at University of California at Berkeley and completed Master's degree coursework at California State University, San Francisco. Scott began a professional career as a teacher and has been a manager, a television and radio announcer. Most importantly, Scott has always been a writer, working for many years at the LOS ANGELES TIMES, she is now completing a book on Egypt.

Dr. Fathy E. Shalaby, Columnist

Dr. Fathy E. Shalaby

Dr. Fathy Shalaby is a native of Egypt, who completed his advanced degrees in International Economics. Now, a resident of the United States, he intends to participate as a columnist to THE SCRIBE newsletter.

Aly Abdel Rahim, Souk Manager

Aly Abdel Rahim
Marketplace Manager  Marketing

Aly has lived in worked in the United States for more than a decade, after having successfully operated shops in Port Said, Egypt. Aly promises to bring the atmosphere of the Cairo marketplace, the Souk, to the webhotep site.

Aly has recently become a naturalized citizen of the United States and is resident of Los Angeles, California.


additional assistance
Internet Consultants  

Additional assistance was provided by Betty Rothenhausler, historian, Ben Elder, radio host & writer, contributors Petra Szilagyi, Suzi Spencer and Nataki Scott Perry. Ryan Sudy, Swan Parsons and Robert Ingram also assisted.

Cynthia A. Scott, Illustrator

In Memorium
Cynthia A. Scott  

1961 - 2002

This artist and illustrator was fluent in most media, her paintings sculpture and illustrations have been exhibited and displayed in countless publications and shows. Ms. Scott was the first person to join our staff.

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