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WEBHOTEP.com Reader Survey

Hotep! And, welcome to webhotep.com, the site for ancient Egyptian mystery. We want to know what you think about out site--We want to know what your special interests are, so that we can make sure that we give you what you need. As you've read on our home page, The Great Hall, we intend to give you installments of Hotep and the Lost Priest of the Aten, a murder mystery set in ancient Egypt.

There will be a List of Kings, a List of the Gods of Ancient Egypt, a glossary of terms, a newsletter with articles on the religion of the ancient world, travelogues, reviews of video and audio tapes, movies, and books. You'll be able to purchase gifts, jewelery, tee shirts, authentic papyrus paintings and much more from our marketplace, The Souk.

In order to bring the best to you, we need to know what you want. Please complete our survey, so we can see to it that webhotep.com is everything that you need and want. And, please be aware, all of your comments, and personal information will be kept in the strictist of confidence. We will not share our customer information with any other concern.

1. What brought you to webhotep.com?
Referred by a friend
Surfing the web
Interested in Egypt
Interested in mysteries
Want to purchase Egyptian merchandise
2. What interests you most about Egypt?
Ancient Egyptian Religion
Egyptian pyramids, art and architecture
The people and culture of ancient Egypt
Modern day Egypt
Reading Egytpian mysteries
3. Are you . . .
4. Are you . . .
5. How old are you?
Under 12 years old
Under 18 years old
Between 18 and 29 years old
Between 30 and 59 years old
Over 60 years old
6. Are you . . ,
An American citizen
from Egypt
from another African country
from Europe or Asia
from North or Latin America
7. Your annual household income is . . .
Under $12,000 per year
Between $12-24,000 per year
Between $24-50,000 per year
Between $50-100,000 per year
Over $100,000 per year
8. Once webhotep.com is fully constructed, the section you'll use most often would be . . .
monthly installments of the mystery, Hotep & the Lost Priest of the Aten
The Kings, Gods lists and/or the glossary of terms
The newsletter, Notes from the Scribe, for news, reviews & travel information
The Place of Inspiration, for daily quotations, prayers, chants or excerpts from ancient inspirational texts
9. Would you like to join us on the Next EGYPT Trip?
In 2002


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