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The Plateau Dr. Zawi Hawass' Site
Dr. Zawi Hawass, courtesy Fox Television.

Dr. Zawi Hawass is a pre-eminent Egyptologist and is Director of the Giza and Saqqara sites. We frequently feature news of the Dr. Hawass' most recent excavations, papers, lectures and reports from the doctor's many television appearances.


Guardian's Egypt Ancient Egypt on the Web
Guardians Image

Guardian's Egypt is one of the most comprehensive Egypt pages on the World Wide Web. The site features fascinating articles, frequently updated sections and links to the major Egypt sites on the web. The site is always up to date!

http://guardians.net/egypt    [email protected]

ABZU Guide to Resources For the Study of the Ancient Near East on the Internet
The Oriental Institute logo

Part of the Oriental Institute, University of Chicago, the site provides indices, research papers, as well as, general resources for the academic or professional. There links to the Institute's Museum and to it's department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations.


Ancient Egypt Resources 
Ancient Egypt logo

A beautifully conceived site, here you'll find an eclectic range of links to the world Egypt on the web. The essays reflect an absolute dedication to scholarship and reverence for an ancient world.


Victor's Egyptology Scarabs, Pyramids, mummies & more . . .
Victor's Egyptology, logo

This is a delightful site, the dedicated effort of a 12 year-old scholar from Norway. Victor covers a wide variety of topics from mummification to news articles on Cleopatra's handwriting.


Ancient Egypt "Knowledge that is not used is knowledge that is abused."

This site lists Egypt links, the best of which is webmaster, Steve Beikirch's own site--A comprehensive photo essay on Egypt. The impressive images go from Cairo to Abu Simbel, from Dendera to Saqqara and all points in between.


Egyptology Resources 
Egypt Resource Image

This site is the Egyptologists' tool--Egyptologist Nigel Strudwick, has assembled a wide variety of Egyptological sites, including extensive listings of links to archaeological sites.


cairolive.com Get the Egyptian news, views and entertainment -- every day!
cairolive.com logo

Reference this site when you want to read today?s headlines from an Egyptian perspective. Founder Tarek Atia, a native Egyptian who was raised in the United States, provides the
readership with the a unique news site.


Egypt Acres 
The Goddess Hathor,
Richard Deurer

Richard Deurer is a painter, sculptor and photographer, who is inspired by the splendor of ancient Egypt. Site is a gallery of the art and architectural accents that he has designed for his own home. You'll love the photos and may even want to purchase one of his inspired pieces.


Egyptological home Page of Michel Malfiet 
Amunhotep III-M.Malfiet

Michel has lovingly assembled a wide aray of Egyptological resources. In addition, there's a picture gallery, Egypt links and an absolutely stunning page full of high resolution images of Amunhotep III.



The ancient Egyptian practice of the mummification of animals has been resurrected at Summum. Even if you don't want to avail yourself of their services, you'll want to view their page that elaborates on the Egyptian connection.


about.com logo

This site provides comprehensive, very accessible lists of ancient history and mystery websites.


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